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The Drinktionary contains commonly used terms and language from this website and around the drinking world.



Bar Tools
Ensure your home bar is equipped with these tools to produce the best Cocktails for you and your friends to enjoy.
We know that looking your best is always important and we want to make sure your drink does too. Here at Dirty Drinks we have gone over all the garnishes and how to prepare them so that your drink has that final eye catching touch!
Glass Types
Wondering what the different glass types look like? Look no further!
A detailed list of terms found in and around the Dirty Drinks website.
Liquor List
Use this sections as a dictionary to become knowledgeable of the many types of liquors.
Just like languages, there are many different types of measurements used around the world. Here at Dirty Drinks we want to make sure you have the correct amounts in each drink so it tastes the way it should.
Mixing Techniques
Learn these simple mixing techniques and become the talk of your party.
Apple Coke
· 1/3 oz. Apple Pucker Schnapps
· 2/3 oz. Cola

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