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A detailed list of terms found in and around the Dirty Drinks website.

A back is a non-alcoholic drink served alongside a shot. Backs are also sometimes called chasers. Sometimes a small beer served alongside a shot is considered a back
Pour into and out of a shaker, usually only once. Gives the drink a quick mixing without shaking
Consumed immediately after a straight shot of liquor to create a different taste
Any liquor served in a Collins or Highball Glass with shaved or crushed ice and garnished with fresh fruit and Mint Sprigs
Any of various alcoholic beverages consisting usually of Brandy, Whiskey, Vodka, or Gin combined with fruit juices
A drink consisting of Ginger Ale, Soda Water, and a fresh spiral or twist of citrus fruit rind
A sour-type drink served in a glass that is completely lined with an orange or lemon peel cut in a continuous strip
A punch-type drink that is made up in quantities
An oversize drink of the sour type, normally made with Rum or Gin
A few drops of an ingredient is considered a dash. A dash is usually 1/16 of an ounce or less
A glass is frosted when it has been dipped in water, then frozen. This process leaves a thin layer of frost on the glass and is suitable for serving cold beverages
A Garnish is something of an ornamental nature served on the rim of the glass or in the glass. Examples of garnishes are Olives and Pearl Onions (in martinis), slices of fruit (in tropical and blended drinks), and Maraschino Cherries
A Highball is any liquor beverage served with ice and soda in a tumbler
Last ingredient in a recipe, meaning to pour onto the top of the drink
A layered drink has the different liquors in layers, usually with the heaviest ones at the bottom. The drink is served unmixed
A short drink made of spirits served with ice
A Mist is an alcohol poured over crushed ice. It is usually not mixed prior to pouring
Mixers are non-alcoholic beverages that are used in cocktails along with alcohol
A sweetened and spiced heated liquor, wine or beer, served as a hot punch
When a drink is served neat, it is poured into a glass with no ice or mixers
A quarter of a bottle
On The Rocks
The proverbial rocks are ice cubes and a drink served on the rocks is simply a beverage served over a tumbler of ice. Often, the drink is prepared “up” and then is strained over the rocks
A drink served over is an alcoholic beverage served over ice cubes. It is usually not mixed prior to pouring
A pony is equal to one ounce
Several mixed drinks, for example the margarita, should be served with salt on the rim of the glass. To salt the rim of a glass, rub a cut lemon or lime around the rim and then dip the glass into rock or kosher salt
Some drinks are served shaken, not stirred. Use a cocktail shaker to blend the drink; shaking about 10 times is adequate for most drinks
A small amount of mixer added to a drink is a splash
Also known as top shelf or super premium. The high octane, often higher proof alcohols
A bit of lemon peel that is rubbed on the edge of a glass. Sometimes the twist is dropped into the drink
A drink served up should be mixed with ice, for example in a cocktail shaker, but then strained so there is no ice in the drink when it is served cold
Manhattan v.II
· 2/3 oz. Rye Whiskey
· 1/3 oz. Italian Vermouth

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