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Mixing Techniques

Learn these simple mixing techniques and become the talk of your party.

Use of an electric blender is needed for cocktails that contain ingredients which do not break down by shaking or stirring. Blending combines these ingredients to create a smooth ready to serve mixture. Some cocktails require ice, in which you should use a suitable amount of crushed ice and not ice cubes to avoid over blending.
The ingredients are directly poured into the glass of choice. Usually, the ingredients are floated on top of one another, but occasionally, a swizzle stick is put in the glass allowing the ingredients to be stirred.
Flaming is a method in which a cocktail or liquor is set on fire to enhance the flavour of the drink. It should only be attempted with cauthion and not to simply look cool. The higher the alcohol proof, the easier it is to ignite. Always extinguish a flaming drink before consuming it.
To layer of float an ingredients on top of one another, use a rounded or back part of a spoon and rest it against the insdie of a glass. Slowly pour the ingredient down the spoon into the glass. The ingredients should run down the glass and settle on top of the ingredient below it. Knowledge of the approximate weight of each liqueur will allow you to complete this teqnique more successfully. The lighter the ingredient the easier it is to layer on top of heavier ones.
Muddling extracts the flavor from fresh ingredients such as fruits or mints, by crushing the ingredients using a muddler and a pestle or bar spoon.
Shaking is a method by which you use a Cocktail Shaker to mix ingredients together and chill them simultaneously. The object of Shaking is to almost freeze the drink while breaking down and combining the ingredients. Normally this is done using ice cubes. When Shaking the ingredients, hold the shaker with both hands, one hand on top and the other supporting the base and give a short, sharp, snappy shake. When water begins to condense on the surface of the shaker, the cocktail should be chilled enough and ready to be strained.
Stirring avoids the liquor from bruising and gives a cocktail an evenly banaced flavour. Using a metal or glass rod is the most effective way to stir a cocktail.
The use of a cocktail shakers built-in strainer or a howthorn strainer allows the liquid to be poured while leaving the ice cubes behind.
Manhattan v.II
· 2/3 oz. Rye Whiskey
· 1/3 oz. Italian Vermouth

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